Path Care and Maintenance

Path Care and Maintenance

Apart from finding and opening the kalderimi to make them safe and enjoyable to walk, we also care for and maintain these paths on a regular basis.

We are in the process of establishing a database of all the official Friends of the Kalderimi walks, and so far more than 70 have been identified. We are now gathering information on the current condition of the paths, broken down into manageable walk sections.

We are also putting together a maintenance schedule so that we can keep more walks open and safe for people. But there are a lot of gaps in the information available and a lot of work is required to care for and maintain these paths.

... but we need your help!

Many thanks to the workers and volunteers, including those from other groups and organisations, who help to keep our paths open for all to enjoy.  

We now have over 70 paths so keeping them maintained is a challenge, but with your support and feedback we can try to ensure we keep as many open as possible.

Every time you use a walk, please send an email to letting us know whether the walk is clear, or whether it needs cleaning, clearer signing

or if you encountered any other problems.

If you undertake personal cleaning of walks in your area, then please email us at to let us know, so that we can share that information through the website.

Finally, if you are happy to volunteer to help with cleaning crews (provisionally on Thursdays from 10th October 2019) then let us know by email to

The database indicating the walk name and reference number, Wikiloc link (if any and if not they will be added where possible during updates), date of last inspection, date of last maintenance, condition (if known), known cleaning requirements and date of scheduled cleaning or maintenance, can be found here.

This database will be updated as regularly as possible and published on this website. 

We will regularly update this page to keep you informed of the state of paths where known.  If you walk one of our paths and find a problem or simply want to report the path as clear then please send us an email here.

Telephone : 6907196052

This mobile telephone is switched on and available ONLY on organised walks or at some other events.  

Please keep a record of it on your mobile phone in case you need to contact someone during a walk or event.

If you need to make contact with any member of the committee at any other time, please email them direct (email addresses here)

or email and we will get back to you as soon as practicable.


If you take part in a Friends of the Kalderimi walk or event you do so entirely at your own risk and neither the Friends of the Kalderimi

nor the organisers or leaders of the walk or event are in any way responsible for the safety of those taking part.