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Committee Members

Annual General Assembly & Meetings

The following members were elected to the Committee at the Annual General Assembly in November 2018:

President: Ioannis Yiatrou


Vice PresidentKyriakos Stathkis


TreasurerLiz Avramides


SecretaryNikos Adraskelas


Committee members:

Christos Fotou


Julie Carpenter


Ian Allright


For general enquiries regarding walks, etc., please email direct to:

We encourage members to attend Annual General Assemblies whenever possible and to vote for the Administrative Council every two years.

Members are also welcome to attend meetings of the Administrative Council, however these are held according to need and are not planned sufficiently far in advance for much notice to be given.

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Our constitution

Here you will find links to a copy of the original 2008 Constitution for the Friends of the Kalderimi in both Greek and English (the English version is not an official translation so for information only), together with the 2019 Constitution incorporating the amendments which were approved at the Annual General Assembly in November 2018 (also in Greek and English).

Telephone : 6907196052

This mobile telephone is switched on and available ONLY on organised walks or at some other events.  

Please keep a record of it on your mobile phone in case you need to contact someone during a walk or event.

If you need to make contact with any member of the committee at any other time, please email them direct (email addresses here)

or email and we will get back to you as soon as practicable.


If you take part in a Friends of the Kalderimi walk or event you do so entirely at your own risk and neither the Friends of the Kalderimi

nor the organisers or leaders of the walk or event are in any way responsible for the safety of those taking part.