The Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion

Οι Φίλοι των Καλντεριμιών του Νοτίου Πηλίου


Here you will find up-to-date news about our walks, work parties and other events.

Members are sent an email about every activity or event and our Facebook page is updated regularly.

Path maintenance

2020/2021 Calendar - Photograph Competition

Path Maintenance - Thursday 20 February 2020

Details will follow of path maintenance arranged for this Thursday.

Forthcoming Walks & Events

The following walks are planned and details will be sent out as usual by email and will appear on this page and on our Facebook page.

There are several dates with no walk planned - please, if you would like to lead a walk in your area let us know.  

We will be happy to arrange details with the taverna if necessary.

  • Sunday 23 February 2020 - Milies - Propan (Kalamaki)
  • Sunday 1 March 2020 - Milina Carnival walk
  • Sunday 8 March 2020 - Argalasti - Kalithea circular
  • Sunday 15 March 2020 - no walk planned
  • May 2020 - First full walk of the South Pelion Trail: This walk will be split over two weekends - details to follow

Date for your Diary

  • Sunday 26 April 2020 - Lafkos Plant Fair

The photograph competition is now closed.

The 2020 calendar will soon be the printing and production process, and will be available on sale at the Lafkos Plant Fair on 26 April 2020.


Sunday 23 February 2020 - Milies - Propan (Kalamaki)

This is a joint walk with Orivatikos, Volos.  The full walk is estimated to be about 3 hours and is a route which was opened by the Friends of the Kalderimi last year.

The walk will begin at 10.00 from the square in Milies.  As this is not a circular walk, you will need to drop passengers in Milies at around 09.00 - 09.15 and take your car to Propan (Kalamaki).  You should make your own arrangements to bring drivers back in as few cars as possible to Milies to start the walk, and to collect those cars from Milies after the walk.

We will leave the Milies square at 10.00, initially on the kalderimi towards Tsagarada.

The last part of the walk from Choreftra asphalt road junction to Propan (Kalamaki) takes about one hour and is very nice, and a gentle walk for those who want to walk a smaller distance.  If you plan to join the walk at the Choreftra junction, you must make your own arrangements to collect your car at the end of the walk.

After the walk we will eat at the taverna of Alekos Mekkas in the square at Propan (Kalamaki).

Please confirm by email before 19:00 on Friday if you will be eating.

Telephone: 6908380110

This mobile telephone is switched on and available ONLY on organised walks or at some other events.  

Please keep a record of it on your mobile phone in case you need to contact someone during a walk or event.

If you need to make contact with any member of the committee at any other time, please email them direct (email addresses here)

or email and we will get back to you as soon as practicable.


If you take part in a Friends of the Kalderimi walk or event you do so entirely at your own risk and neither the Friends of the Kalderimi

nor the organisers or leaders of the walk or event are in any way responsible for the safety of those taking part.