The Friends of the Kalderimi
The Friends of the Kalderimi ArgtoHortoOpening1 The Friends of the Kalderimi
The Friends of the Kalderimi
The Friends of the Kalderimi ArgtoHortoOpening1 The Friends of the Kalderimi
The Friends of the Kalderimi
The Friends of the Kalderimi ArgtoHortoOpening1 The Friends of the Kalderimi

The Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion


Since 2007 the Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion has aimed to promote, enhance and preserve the natural beauty of South Pelion and make it accessible for both residents and visitors through the work of volunteers in clearing and signing the paths.

In this area we have a wonderful network of stone donkey paths dating back hundreds of years, known as kalderimi. They are easily seen within the villages of Pelion. They also link villages and settlements throughout the area. With the development of mechanised transport and asphalt roads, many of the old paths have seemingly disappeared and some have been converted into rural roads to allow access by agricultural vehicles. However, many still exist, blocked by vegetation or abandoned through disrepair.

Friends of the Kalderimi group has marked a selection of walking routes consisting of kalderimia, footpaths and earth roads within this area. We have used yellow waymarker signs and red paint marks to help you find your way. We recommend that you have a good walking map with you, for example that published by “Anavasi” for Central and South Pelion. Make sure that you wear suitable shoes, always carry enough water and have with you a hat, sunscreen, a mobile phone and a first aid kit. If you are walking alone, inform someone of the route you intend to follow. The best period for walking is September to June; it is better to avoid the hot months of July and August unless you set off very early in the morning.

The activities of the Friends of the Kalderimi include weekly walks, work parties to open closed paths and social events which are announced on Facebook, by email to members and on this site. Our funds come from membership fees (10 euros per person) and donations, and we depend on these to carry out the work we do.

If you would like to become a member, the please click on the membership link on this page or make contact with us at


Here you will find links to a copy of the original 2008 Constitution for The Friends of the Kalderimi in Greek. There is also a link to the English translation. Please be aware that this is not an official translation and is for your information only. Click on the flag to open the document in the language of your choice.

The Committee and Meetings

It is hoped that members will attend General Assemblies whenever possible. The Annual General Assembly is usually held on the first Sunday in November. Members are welcome to attend meetings of the Administrative Council, however these are currently held according to need and not planned sufficiently far in advance for much notice to be given. Click on this link to view the report from the most recent General Assembly - 2016 AGM. This report also gives details of members elected to the committee. Click here to see previous reports and minutes. Click here to contact any committee member directly.


Click here to find out about how to become a member, obligations and subscriptions.


Alliances and Links

There are many other groups in the Pelion area who are dedicated to protecting and improving the environment, encouraging local people old and young to get involved in looking after the beautiful Pelion countryside, clearing and cleaning the old kalderimia and other routes, removing obstructive vegetation and litter and then simply enjoying walking along these paths. Some of these join us regularly on cleaning projects and all of them have sites well worth visiting if you are interested in this area of outstanding natural beauty. You will find more information here.